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"You know what? Guys don’t care about football. Football’s just an excuse to get women to leave us alone. We don’t have favorite teams...we don’t even care who wins. If you can get three hours on the couch to drink beer, eat pretzels and act like an idiot without the wife haranguing you to clean out the gutters -- you win."

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"Sex in the Inner City"
                    Monday, November 16
                9:30PM ET/PT

Despite his best efforts, Becker can't escape the sexual overtones that follow him throughout the day. He starts his morning at the cafe where Reggie and Jake are discussing the various things they do to release sexual tension. When Reggie suggests jogging, Becker quickly dismisses the idea, declaring that he doesn't have any such issues. As his day progresses, a bemused Becker is faced with various circumstances that make him all too aware of his sex life -- or, rather, lack thereof.

John Becker: Ted Danson
Reggie: Terry Farrell
Margaret: Hattie Winston
Jake: Alex Desert
Linda: Shawnee Smith

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